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 War Thunder

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PostSubject: War Thunder   Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:07 pm

War Thunder is a RU based game where you can pilot any WW2 era plane against your friends or go into a botted battle for practice and testing.
You can also play and tank, its kinda like ET in that you spawn and you figth to you die with similiiar spawn point layouts and goals.

You can create your own maps and scenerios and share them with your friends also,.

I am * Kermit_DeSade there and the * Denotes that account is hooked to a PS4 system this is a cross platform game ps4 and pc players kill each other.
You can play it on low end for slower machines and get a real nice old school tank game with no frills or you can crank up the detail and make movies.. the PS4 version of this game lokops insaine but you have to have a mouse and keyboard to really fly or tank in this game..
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War Thunder
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