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 Mount and BLade

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PostSubject: Mount and BLade   Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:40 am


ever tought something was missing in this new rpg you bought for 60 euros???

hehe lol

No but seriously, i advice this game if you have a lot of spare time because it just sucks you up and wont lett you go

check it out. if you will you can buy the serial online(hum not really necc lol) and download the game (350 mb)

or you can trial the game until level 6.

ALso lots of different mods
reminds me a bit of oblivion but then massive fighting and no magic

Imagine your army of 100 guys charging the other teams 100 guys in medieval style and you got a good look of the game

tought i post it here to keep the forum alive:P
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Mount and BLade
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