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 Black Ops

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Acid Rain Clan Member

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PostSubject: Black Ops   Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:40 pm

Hey so I Still play console games, and was wondering who all was playing the Latest in COD... Black Ops. I'm currently a frequent player on PSN ( Still schickles {all lower case btw}), and Will add anyone from {AR} just throw {AR} in the message somewhere and I'll add you. On the PSN me and two other friends have set up a pretty informal clan on BO called Ac!d, my tribute to the Clan that helped get me hooked on FPS lol. So if you want to play along with us or join us hit me up. We also Play BC2, but to a far lesser extent. But anyway, back to the good stuff, what is everyone playing and whats your top class?

mine is

Primary : AKS74u
Attached: Rapid Fire/Grip
Secondary: Python
Attached: Speed Reloader
Perks: LW Pro, Warlord, and Marathon Pro

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Black Ops
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